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Today was a really busy day. My girls and I went out to get a bunch of groceries, which took quite a bit of time. I have decided to take back my kitchen, so I needed to find what I wanted to cook.

Take back my kitchen, you ask? Yes, take back my kitchen. I don’t spend much time in my kitchen, I haven’t for probably about three years, due to my OCD. My husband stepped in and managed the kitchen, the cooking and cleaning. I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting to take back the kitchen the past few months, and the other day, I just felt in a place where I could announce it and do so. I’ve spent a few days cleaning a lot of stuff in the kitchen, to sort of make it “ready” for me (more as in OCD approved). I am actually happy about this decision, and hope it will be the start of many changes for the better with my OCD.

I have to wonder how much of my confidence in this decision is coming from getting help from my quartz stone that I’ve been wearing everyday. My oldest daughter has been telling me that she can feel a big difference in the energy about me, that I feel lighter. I can see changes occuring my head from the stone, so this is all wonderful news! Three years, and I am going to finally be back to doing dishes and cooking!


As for our grocery trip, I discovered these strange flowers. They are so bright and colorful, they remind me of fireworks.


I also found these bright neon lime green flowers, which I loooove. My favorite color since I was a kid has always been green. The green tends to change, from grass green, to olive green, but lately I have been adoring more of a neon bright green. I am just finding that color so beautiful.

I don’t really have much to say today. I am kind of exhausted, and ready to eat our pizza that is in the oven cooking…