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So, I did fail in blogging yesterday like I had planned to do. I just got sidetracked, had other things on my mind (though blogging was still waving it’s hands furiously trying to get me to take notice). Today will have to do.

My daughter just asked me if I was actually typing, or if I was just pretending to! That made me laugh. I am a bit of a fast typer, so I am guessing that is why she was wondering. Anyways…

Today is laundry day, something my hubby does for me, as my OCD is still not yet to the point of allowing me to tackle dirty clothes without a load of stress. So for me, that means I have a pretty chill day, folding and putting away a bunch of clean clothes, and putting all our beds back together. I have a headache today, so aside from all of that, I will be trying to contain that. 

Other things on my agenda are taking some doll photographs. I use to have a whole instagram accound dedicated to doll photography, and I am feeling a bit inspired lately. However, I am approaching it a bit differently, as I am having more fun with photo blending and collage than just taking photos of the dolls themselves. I am finding it quite fun! I have also had origami on my mind lately. I use to fold cranes all the time, and would love to actually pause and take the time to learn more origami techniques. I’ve tried, but probably not really hard enough. I have a book filled with origami Christmas patterns/instructions on the 12 days of Christmas and the nativity scene, and I always thought it would be so fun if I could make them all around Christmastime. Unfortunately, I have failed every time I have tried to make something out of that book. It seems I am only good at folding cranes and crickets. I am thinking about searching for some teaching videos and setting up a plan to actually learn how to do these patterns by Christmas. I’m sure whatever comes of my searching today will determine if I will actually accomplish it. But some folding sounds a peaceful for today, and I’d much like that.