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I decided to start a weekly post on here where I share about a special moment that happened during the week that made me happy. I have been trying to focus a lot this year on being grateful and being in the moment so that I can appreciate the little things more. 

So, for this week I will share about the lady that was helping me at the service desk at my local Target on Friday. I had come across these little Chubby Puppies blind bags in the clearance section that my youngest daughter adores, and they were scanning up not in the system. So I took one to the service desk to see if they could figure out the price for me. She made a few calls on her walkie talkie, and after about five minutes of her pestering someone else, they decided to sell them to me for $.88 each. So, of course, I was going to grab them all.

The service desk worker gestured towards the back of the store to tell me they were holding the box of them at the electronics section for me, but said, “Go to the laundry…sorry, I am thinking about doing my laundry.” That made me laugh, and still does whenever I think of it. I thought it was lovely to discover someone else having completely random thoughts running through their head that have nothing to do with what is currently going on. Not to mention I enjoyed hearing someone else bring those thoughts accidentally to the forefront like I sometimes do!