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I noticed last week that Netflix had added more episodes of Reign. When this occured, I am not sure, but I was thrilled, as Reign is one of my favorite shows.

It turned out that there were two seasons available that I could not recall watching… even more fun! I quickly realized I could remember some scenes here and there from season 3, so I am guessing I watched some of the episodes on TV before we canceled our cable. But, season 4 was all new to me. 

Now, if you have known me personally over the past twenty years or so, I have been obsessed with Queen Elizabeth I, so I am a bit knowledgeable on this era (just the basics). So, when this show first started, I thought it was fantastic to get a glimpse of who Mary, Queen of Scots may have been. The show turned out to be amazing, with all these mild supernatural twists and turns, not to mention Mary was quite an awesome character.

By season 3, Queen Elizabeth I was introduced, which was vital, considering Mary’s fate that we all know about. I was displeased with how they portrayed Elizabeth, and even moreso as the last two seasons progressed. I was disappointed to see that the writers decided to set Mary more in a positive light… at the expense of Elizabeth. They couldn’t have found a better way? Does the painting always have to have one cousin evil? Elizabeth just came across as a fearful brat, which is so completely astounding to me. I couldn’t help but to compare this portrayal to Cate Blanchett’s. In Reign, they even had Elizabeth giving her speech walking down a hallway before facing the Spanish Armada! But my love for Mary’s character in the show kept me watching.

The ending though. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. The very very end (spoiler alert) where she is reunited with Francis is amazing, but it was so hard to enjoy it after being rushed through about 20 years in the matter of a couple of mintes. Not only was there a rediculous time jump, but they did it in a way that made no sense, and left me with a ton of questions about what they were trying to portray. Why? It was unnecessarily confusing. Not to mention that they were setting up plots and ideas that were intruiging, only to be instantly dropped. What happened with Katherine and needing her daughter at her side? What about the intense creepy scene with her and two others? What becomes of all of that? The last episode just felt like they all of a sudden decided, “This is it!Lets wrap up the entire show!”. I was quite disappointed. I think they could have even continued on with another season at least, even if the main focus shifted from Mary. Elizabeth had an amazing reign, not to mention it would have been interesting to see how Mary’s son grew up. There is a ton of interesting characters and lives during that time period!

I went into the fourth season unaware that it was their last, so it hit me like a brick in that last episode, and made me super sad. Eh… I will still enjoy rewatching show, as it will always be pretty amazing (until the end)!

Any of you ever watch Reign? Have you seen the last season? Did you feel similar? Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, I would love to know!