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Our base housing has a small pool (that gradually works up to 3 ft deep) at our community center, which is free to use. Everyone refers to it as “the mushroom pool”, as there is a large red umbrella thing (polka-dotted white) in the center of the pool that has water continually pouring off it it in… kind of like an umbrella warding off a terrible rainstorm. This is the pool that we have been enjoying for several years.

This summer, as my daughters are getting older, we decided to spring for a membership to “the big pool”, which was a bit costly for our family of four, but worth it. We decided to check it out for the first time this week, and our girls had a blast.

This pool goes from 3 ft deep to 8 ft deep, and is quite large overall in comparrison to the other pool. There is a waterslide in the 4 ft deep area, and a diving board and rock climbing wall in the 8 ft deep area. Both of my daughters really enjoyed the waterslide. I would have liked to have taken them to the pool more this week, but my oldest daughter has a Remicade infusion tomorrow, which means she is drinking lots of water today to help the IV and bloodwork go as smoothly as possible.

I have been feeling pretty yucky lately, simply because I have been indulging myself into old hobbies (knitting, crocheting, crafting) that I know just creates strange unwanted energies within myself. It has pulled me down into a bit of a funk, and I am once again puzzled as to why these things I love tend to make me feel so blah. So, today I have pulled out my Becoming a Vegetarian book again, and will be enjoying more of that. I think that I really need to start diving into this world more and possibly entering the realm of vegetarian cooking. I think it is something that I might really enjoy, and I know I would love to eat it. The learning-about-it bit is taking me some time to focus and get dedicated, but I will try to push myself a little more.

As for this weekend… I’m sure you’ll hear from me!