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Yesterday while I was in Walgreens, my youngest daughter saw a Strawberry Kit Kat for the first time, and declared as we walked out, that eating one of those was now on her bucket list. This made me smile (and laugh), and then curious to hear more about her bucket list.

She went on to explain that buying more beef jerkey, bubble gum tape, and Gatorade was on her bucket list, as well as spending a day with a dog and a bunny. This list went on, with things all equally intruiging, and it had me very interested in making myself my own “attainable” bucket list. By attainable, I mean something that is well within my abilities to accomplish with the next year. 

Now, things like visiting France would be on my bucket list, which is absolutely impossible to achieve within this next year, as well as becoming a ballerina. So I watched my daughter later that night jot down all of her bucket list, in check list format, and hang it up on her door. So I decided to really think about it for myself, and make my own list.

My list included things such as: have an entire shelf filled with books I’ve read, make a blackout poetry book, learn to cook vegetarian dishes, find ways to enjoy nature more, find a book on Musk Ox, bird watch more, and a couple of other things. This was actually really pleasing to think about what things would make me feel happy to accomplish, things that I could actually accomplish if I made the effort.

Some of these things I hadn’t ever reallly thought about in terms of a goal for myself, so discovering these new things that would make me happy, makes me happy to start putting forth the effort. It is funny how we sometimes forget to stop and think about ourselves and what we need.

So, to read more, I will be having a 24 hour readathon with my daughters on Monday, just for fun! We are all excited about it. I picked up some fun drinks and snacks for us. I also grabbed one of my unwanted books (Magicalamity by Kate Saunders) and decided to actually give blackout poetry a try…. and I have to say, it is super fun! 

As of right now, I think I am still experimenting on how I want to do it, but I do plan to stick with it and actually fill up this entire book with blackout poetry. I feel like hearing my daughter’s bucket list, and sitting down to create my own in a similar manner sort of pulled me out of my funk and my habbits of always picking up the same hobbies that no longer serve me. So instead of reaching for a crochet hook or knitting needles, I will be reaching for my blackout poetry book, my keyboard to blog, or just a book to make a dent in my TBR pile. 
For a good chunk of this afternoon though, I will be watching some episodes of Stranger Things with my oldest daughter!