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I keep finding myself trying to drive home in a terrible downpour this week, and driving home from the childrens hospital Friday was no exception. My oldest daughter had a remicade infusion, which went well (and surprisingly a tad faster than usual), and once again found myself trying to find my way home through the crazy rain.

Saturday, I took my youngest daughter out to run a quick errand, and discovered that all this rain has left several rings of mushrooms within a block from our house. The mushrooms were beautiful and huge! After we came back home we parked the car in the driveway and took a short walk to snap some pictures of these mushrooms (with a few odd stares from others in the process). It was super fun to look at them all up close. Finding a lot of nature in base housing, at least in our neighborhood, can be challenging… so it was a wonderful surprise after all the rain we have been getting.

I meant to blog Friday night, which turned into Saturday, and finally today I am accomplishing it. I am getting better at being more consistent lately!