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I’ve been enjoying watching all of the Booktubeathon videos on YouTube from last week, and was feeling a bit inspired. I cleaned up my bookshelves and decided to propose a 24 hour readathon to my daughters. Both were on board!

So we read (almost…but not really) for 24 hours yesterday, and it was so nice. My oldest finished one book (quite early on) and started on a second. I finished a novel around 8pm, and tried to start another (but I wasn’t enjoying the second one I picked up), and my youngest read a lot  of her current read and was giving a new novel a try as well. 

I actually really enjoyed this spontanious readathon, and was super pleased with myself that I finished a novel in a day, as I cannot remember having ever done that before. Love & Gelato was a perfect summer read. I loved reading about Italy and a budding young love, along with discovering secrets about her mother. It was a really sweet story, and I’m glad I picked it for the readathon.

My husband also surprised me with a box of donuts. I had texted him earlier in the day “You can stop and pick me up some donuts on the way home. JK. Maybe”. I wasn’t expecting him to actually come home with donuts, but I loved it! I was craving something pastry-like and delicious while reading all about the yuummy Italian treats Lina was eating in Love & Gelato. It was perfect!

Now for today, I am hoping to get the girls to the pool, and somehow squeeze in grocery shopping.