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I meant to write up this post last Sunday, to actually keep my newly started be happy posts consistent, but of course I failed to actually remember to write it up on the first week.

So, here it is now, a little snippet of a moment that made me happy one night last week, and it has to do with Carebears!

I mentioned something about the Carebear stare (which all of us original Carebear lovers will know), and both of my daughters were clueless to what I was talking about. I was in shock and had to immediately take to YouTube to fill them in.

The first video I clicked on was titled Carebear Stare, and the thumbnail was an image of all the Carebears participating in the infamous Carebear stare, however, when I clicked on it, the video had voiceovers with tons of curse words! I panicked and it took my mind too many seconds to realize what was happening. But after we recovered from that nonsense, I did find a few lovely Carebear stare videos to show them.

Of course, both of my girls found this stare thing rediculous (because it is), but we went on to reminiscing about the Carebear movies they did watch when they were younger.

Shortly after that it was bedtime. I walked into my oldest daughter’s bedroom while she was brushing her teeth, and found this:

This just made my day! This is a mini Bedtime Bear that my oldest has had since she was very little, and was named Sad One by her, due to his sleep (sad) looking eyes. I remember the day I learned of his new name by her frantically trying to find her Sad One, and me completely in the dark about what was happening!