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I took my daughters out Friday afternoon to do some school shopping and to knock out a few errands. Our outing was cut short with my husband calling me about him not feeling well and his heart rate randomly spiking. I ended up taking him to the ER later that evening, which turned into him eventually being admitted until this early evening.

His is doing fine now, and we are glad to have him back home! So, needless to say, our weekend was filled with hospital visits and being worried. This weekend seemed to fly by, leaving me now a little exhausted and much relieved.

I did manage to stop at our produce store during the weekend to grab up a few things. I decided that every time we go there, I would try to get something new for us to try. We picked up a dragon fruit, star fruit, and a different type of mango that I have never seen before. We tried the mango last night, and it was pretty delicious. It reminded me more of pineapples, only not as acidic, which I liked. I am anxious to give the other two fruits a try. 
I also got a giant bag of green bell peppers, so I need to figure out lots of meals to make that will include them. That will be a small goal of mine throughout the week!