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My youngest daughter has always been obsessed with scissors, cutting paper, and tape. Once should could hold scissors and use them properly, she would sit and just cut things…forever. Even her clothes.

Once she discovered the miraculous abilities of tape, it opened her world up to endless creativity! She began building all kinds of things out of just paper and tape. To get the full picture, she once sat on Santa’s lap and asked him for paper for Christmas. That was it. That was all she wanted that year.

Now, my husband will see just about anything and tell my youngest daughter she could make it. This drives my daughter insane, as he will say that about literally anything… things that would take a LOT of practice to accomplish, things that my daughter thinks would be impossible.

This topic came up while we were visiting my husband in the hospital this past weekend. I took a moment to explain to my irritated daughter that he only says these things because he thinks she is super talented and has a lot of faith in her ability to create. I proceeded to say, “Such as him saying you could make a perfect replica of this hospital room”.

Then, of course, my husband comments, “I bet you could!”

This just made my day to hear his absolute confidence in my youngest daughter’s abilities to manipulate paper and tape. We all just laughed about it, and I think secretly in my daugher’s mind, she thought for a second about attempted to recreate the room.