be happy and create…


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My youngest daughter has always been obsessed with scissors, cutting paper, and tape. Once should could hold scissors and use them properly, she would sit and just cut things…forever. Even her clothes.

Once she discovered the miraculous abilities of tape, it opened her world up to endless creativity! She began building all kinds of things out of just paper and tape. To get the full picture, she once sat on Santa’s lap and asked him for paper for Christmas. That was it. That was all she wanted that year.

Now, my husband will see just about anything and tell my youngest daughter she could make it. This drives my daughter insane, as he will say that about literally anything… things that would take a LOT of practice to accomplish, things that my daughter thinks would be impossible.

This topic came up while we were visiting my husband in the hospital this past weekend. I took a moment to explain to my irritated daughter that he only says these things because he thinks she is super talented and has a lot of faith in her ability to create. I proceeded to say, “Such as him saying you could make a perfect replica of this hospital room”.

Then, of course, my husband comments, “I bet you could!”

This just made my day to hear his absolute confidence in my youngest daughter’s abilities to manipulate paper and tape. We all just laughed about it, and I think secretly in my daugher’s mind, she thought for a second about attempted to recreate the room.


crazy busy weekend…


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I took my daughters out Friday afternoon to do some school shopping and to knock out a few errands. Our outing was cut short with my husband calling me about him not feeling well and his heart rate randomly spiking. I ended up taking him to the ER later that evening, which turned into him eventually being admitted until this early evening.

His is doing fine now, and we are glad to have him back home! So, needless to say, our weekend was filled with hospital visits and being worried. This weekend seemed to fly by, leaving me now a little exhausted and much relieved.

I did manage to stop at our produce store during the weekend to grab up a few things. I decided that every time we go there, I would try to get something new for us to try. We picked up a dragon fruit, star fruit, and a different type of mango that I have never seen before. We tried the mango last night, and it was pretty delicious. It reminded me more of pineapples, only not as acidic, which I liked. I am anxious to give the other two fruits a try. 
I also got a giant bag of green bell peppers, so I need to figure out lots of meals to make that will include them. That will be a small goal of mine throughout the week! 

be happy and care…


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I meant to write up this post last Sunday, to actually keep my newly started be happy posts consistent, but of course I failed to actually remember to write it up on the first week.

So, here it is now, a little snippet of a moment that made me happy one night last week, and it has to do with Carebears!

I mentioned something about the Carebear stare (which all of us original Carebear lovers will know), and both of my daughters were clueless to what I was talking about. I was in shock and had to immediately take to YouTube to fill them in.

The first video I clicked on was titled Carebear Stare, and the thumbnail was an image of all the Carebears participating in the infamous Carebear stare, however, when I clicked on it, the video had voiceovers with tons of curse words! I panicked and it took my mind too many seconds to realize what was happening. But after we recovered from that nonsense, I did find a few lovely Carebear stare videos to show them.

Of course, both of my girls found this stare thing rediculous (because it is), but we went on to reminiscing about the Carebear movies they did watch when they were younger.

Shortly after that it was bedtime. I walked into my oldest daughter’s bedroom while she was brushing her teeth, and found this:

This just made my day! This is a mini Bedtime Bear that my oldest has had since she was very little, and was named Sad One by her, due to his sleep (sad) looking eyes. I remember the day I learned of his new name by her frantically trying to find her Sad One, and me completely in the dark about what was happening!

our readathon…


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I’ve been enjoying watching all of the Booktubeathon videos on YouTube from last week, and was feeling a bit inspired. I cleaned up my bookshelves and decided to propose a 24 hour readathon to my daughters. Both were on board!

So we read (almost…but not really) for 24 hours yesterday, and it was so nice. My oldest finished one book (quite early on) and started on a second. I finished a novel around 8pm, and tried to start another (but I wasn’t enjoying the second one I picked up), and my youngest read a lot  of her current read and was giving a new novel a try as well. 

I actually really enjoyed this spontanious readathon, and was super pleased with myself that I finished a novel in a day, as I cannot remember having ever done that before. Love & Gelato was a perfect summer read. I loved reading about Italy and a budding young love, along with discovering secrets about her mother. It was a really sweet story, and I’m glad I picked it for the readathon.

My husband also surprised me with a box of donuts. I had texted him earlier in the day “You can stop and pick me up some donuts on the way home. JK. Maybe”. I wasn’t expecting him to actually come home with donuts, but I loved it! I was craving something pastry-like and delicious while reading all about the yuummy Italian treats Lina was eating in Love & Gelato. It was perfect!

Now for today, I am hoping to get the girls to the pool, and somehow squeeze in grocery shopping.

bucket list…


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Yesterday while I was in Walgreens, my youngest daughter saw a Strawberry Kit Kat for the first time, and declared as we walked out, that eating one of those was now on her bucket list. This made me smile (and laugh), and then curious to hear more about her bucket list.

She went on to explain that buying more beef jerkey, bubble gum tape, and Gatorade was on her bucket list, as well as spending a day with a dog and a bunny. This list went on, with things all equally intruiging, and it had me very interested in making myself my own “attainable” bucket list. By attainable, I mean something that is well within my abilities to accomplish with the next year. 

Now, things like visiting France would be on my bucket list, which is absolutely impossible to achieve within this next year, as well as becoming a ballerina. So I watched my daughter later that night jot down all of her bucket list, in check list format, and hang it up on her door. So I decided to really think about it for myself, and make my own list.

My list included things such as: have an entire shelf filled with books I’ve read, make a blackout poetry book, learn to cook vegetarian dishes, find ways to enjoy nature more, find a book on Musk Ox, bird watch more, and a couple of other things. This was actually really pleasing to think about what things would make me feel happy to accomplish, things that I could actually accomplish if I made the effort.

Some of these things I hadn’t ever reallly thought about in terms of a goal for myself, so discovering these new things that would make me happy, makes me happy to start putting forth the effort. It is funny how we sometimes forget to stop and think about ourselves and what we need.

So, to read more, I will be having a 24 hour readathon with my daughters on Monday, just for fun! We are all excited about it. I picked up some fun drinks and snacks for us. I also grabbed one of my unwanted books (Magicalamity by Kate Saunders) and decided to actually give blackout poetry a try…. and I have to say, it is super fun! 

As of right now, I think I am still experimenting on how I want to do it, but I do plan to stick with it and actually fill up this entire book with blackout poetry. I feel like hearing my daughter’s bucket list, and sitting down to create my own in a similar manner sort of pulled me out of my funk and my habbits of always picking up the same hobbies that no longer serve me. So instead of reaching for a crochet hook or knitting needles, I will be reaching for my blackout poetry book, my keyboard to blog, or just a book to make a dent in my TBR pile. 
For a good chunk of this afternoon though, I will be watching some episodes of Stranger Things with my oldest daughter! 

rain and more rain…


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I keep finding myself trying to drive home in a terrible downpour this week, and driving home from the childrens hospital Friday was no exception. My oldest daughter had a remicade infusion, which went well (and surprisingly a tad faster than usual), and once again found myself trying to find my way home through the crazy rain.

Saturday, I took my youngest daughter out to run a quick errand, and discovered that all this rain has left several rings of mushrooms within a block from our house. The mushrooms were beautiful and huge! After we came back home we parked the car in the driveway and took a short walk to snap some pictures of these mushrooms (with a few odd stares from others in the process). It was super fun to look at them all up close. Finding a lot of nature in base housing, at least in our neighborhood, can be challenging… so it was a wonderful surprise after all the rain we have been getting.

I meant to blog Friday night, which turned into Saturday, and finally today I am accomplishing it. I am getting better at being more consistent lately!

the big pool…


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Our base housing has a small pool (that gradually works up to 3 ft deep) at our community center, which is free to use. Everyone refers to it as “the mushroom pool”, as there is a large red umbrella thing (polka-dotted white) in the center of the pool that has water continually pouring off it it in… kind of like an umbrella warding off a terrible rainstorm. This is the pool that we have been enjoying for several years.

This summer, as my daughters are getting older, we decided to spring for a membership to “the big pool”, which was a bit costly for our family of four, but worth it. We decided to check it out for the first time this week, and our girls had a blast.

This pool goes from 3 ft deep to 8 ft deep, and is quite large overall in comparrison to the other pool. There is a waterslide in the 4 ft deep area, and a diving board and rock climbing wall in the 8 ft deep area. Both of my daughters really enjoyed the waterslide. I would have liked to have taken them to the pool more this week, but my oldest daughter has a Remicade infusion tomorrow, which means she is drinking lots of water today to help the IV and bloodwork go as smoothly as possible.

I have been feeling pretty yucky lately, simply because I have been indulging myself into old hobbies (knitting, crocheting, crafting) that I know just creates strange unwanted energies within myself. It has pulled me down into a bit of a funk, and I am once again puzzled as to why these things I love tend to make me feel so blah. So, today I have pulled out my Becoming a Vegetarian book again, and will be enjoying more of that. I think that I really need to start diving into this world more and possibly entering the realm of vegetarian cooking. I think it is something that I might really enjoy, and I know I would love to eat it. The learning-about-it bit is taking me some time to focus and get dedicated, but I will try to push myself a little more.

As for this weekend… I’m sure you’ll hear from me!

be happy and go to the laundry…


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I decided to start a weekly post on here where I share about a special moment that happened during the week that made me happy. I have been trying to focus a lot this year on being grateful and being in the moment so that I can appreciate the little things more. 

So, for this week I will share about the lady that was helping me at the service desk at my local Target on Friday. I had come across these little Chubby Puppies blind bags in the clearance section that my youngest daughter adores, and they were scanning up not in the system. So I took one to the service desk to see if they could figure out the price for me. She made a few calls on her walkie talkie, and after about five minutes of her pestering someone else, they decided to sell them to me for $.88 each. So, of course, I was going to grab them all.

The service desk worker gestured towards the back of the store to tell me they were holding the box of them at the electronics section for me, but said, “Go to the laundry…sorry, I am thinking about doing my laundry.” That made me laugh, and still does whenever I think of it. I thought it was lovely to discover someone else having completely random thoughts running through their head that have nothing to do with what is currently going on. Not to mention I enjoyed hearing someone else bring those thoughts accidentally to the forefront like I sometimes do! 

Reigning it in…


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I noticed last week that Netflix had added more episodes of Reign. When this occured, I am not sure, but I was thrilled, as Reign is one of my favorite shows.

It turned out that there were two seasons available that I could not recall watching… even more fun! I quickly realized I could remember some scenes here and there from season 3, so I am guessing I watched some of the episodes on TV before we canceled our cable. But, season 4 was all new to me. 

Now, if you have known me personally over the past twenty years or so, I have been obsessed with Queen Elizabeth I, so I am a bit knowledgeable on this era (just the basics). So, when this show first started, I thought it was fantastic to get a glimpse of who Mary, Queen of Scots may have been. The show turned out to be amazing, with all these mild supernatural twists and turns, not to mention Mary was quite an awesome character.

By season 3, Queen Elizabeth I was introduced, which was vital, considering Mary’s fate that we all know about. I was displeased with how they portrayed Elizabeth, and even moreso as the last two seasons progressed. I was disappointed to see that the writers decided to set Mary more in a positive light… at the expense of Elizabeth. They couldn’t have found a better way? Does the painting always have to have one cousin evil? Elizabeth just came across as a fearful brat, which is so completely astounding to me. I couldn’t help but to compare this portrayal to Cate Blanchett’s. In Reign, they even had Elizabeth giving her speech walking down a hallway before facing the Spanish Armada! But my love for Mary’s character in the show kept me watching.

The ending though. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. The very very end (spoiler alert) where she is reunited with Francis is amazing, but it was so hard to enjoy it after being rushed through about 20 years in the matter of a couple of mintes. Not only was there a rediculous time jump, but they did it in a way that made no sense, and left me with a ton of questions about what they were trying to portray. Why? It was unnecessarily confusing. Not to mention that they were setting up plots and ideas that were intruiging, only to be instantly dropped. What happened with Katherine and needing her daughter at her side? What about the intense creepy scene with her and two others? What becomes of all of that? The last episode just felt like they all of a sudden decided, “This is it!Lets wrap up the entire show!”. I was quite disappointed. I think they could have even continued on with another season at least, even if the main focus shifted from Mary. Elizabeth had an amazing reign, not to mention it would have been interesting to see how Mary’s son grew up. There is a ton of interesting characters and lives during that time period!

I went into the fourth season unaware that it was their last, so it hit me like a brick in that last episode, and made me super sad. Eh… I will still enjoy rewatching show, as it will always be pretty amazing (until the end)!

Any of you ever watch Reign? Have you seen the last season? Did you feel similar? Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, I would love to know!



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So, I did fail in blogging yesterday like I had planned to do. I just got sidetracked, had other things on my mind (though blogging was still waving it’s hands furiously trying to get me to take notice). Today will have to do.

My daughter just asked me if I was actually typing, or if I was just pretending to! That made me laugh. I am a bit of a fast typer, so I am guessing that is why she was wondering. Anyways…

Today is laundry day, something my hubby does for me, as my OCD is still not yet to the point of allowing me to tackle dirty clothes without a load of stress. So for me, that means I have a pretty chill day, folding and putting away a bunch of clean clothes, and putting all our beds back together. I have a headache today, so aside from all of that, I will be trying to contain that. 

Other things on my agenda are taking some doll photographs. I use to have a whole instagram accound dedicated to doll photography, and I am feeling a bit inspired lately. However, I am approaching it a bit differently, as I am having more fun with photo blending and collage than just taking photos of the dolls themselves. I am finding it quite fun! I have also had origami on my mind lately. I use to fold cranes all the time, and would love to actually pause and take the time to learn more origami techniques. I’ve tried, but probably not really hard enough. I have a book filled with origami Christmas patterns/instructions on the 12 days of Christmas and the nativity scene, and I always thought it would be so fun if I could make them all around Christmastime. Unfortunately, I have failed every time I have tried to make something out of that book. It seems I am only good at folding cranes and crickets. I am thinking about searching for some teaching videos and setting up a plan to actually learn how to do these patterns by Christmas. I’m sure whatever comes of my searching today will determine if I will actually accomplish it. But some folding sounds a peaceful for today, and I’d much like that.